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1. What's the proceess of employment? 

Complete an employment application

Applications can be completed in our office by making an appointment, or you can fill one out online.


Personal interview

This interview focuses on your work history, job qualifications, scheduling preferences, and type of assignments desired.



Each applicant is required to submit 3 work related references and / or letters of recommendation. The references must be able to provide information relevant to the applicant’s quality of work, work habits, and reliability.


Personal identification

You will need to provide a form of current photo identification. You can use a passport photo or driver’s license to show identification. A social security card or employment eligibility card is required as well.


License / Certification verification

The applicant’s certification or license is verified through the State Board of Nursing or the PA Nurse Aide Registry.



Each licensed Urgent Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC employee is required to be CPR certified. A copy of your current CPR card is kept in your personnel file.


Criminal background check


Drug screen at the time of employment


Physical examination health statement

All applicants must obtain a statement from their current health care provider that verifies they are free of communicable diseases, have no physical limitations that would prevent them from performing their duties, and that they are in good physical condition.


Yearly TB test


Immunization documentation for DPT, Rubella, and Hepatitis B


Skills checklist specific to job duties


Competency test specific to job duties




We always advocate for our employees with our clients. If you have a particular facility that you would like to work at, let’s know and we will do our best to assign you regularly to that specific facility.





2. What aresome of the employee benefits you provide? 

Our benefits package includes:

  • Flexible schedules

  • Excellent pay rates- The Top in Central PA

  • Direct deposit

  • Holiday pay

  • Continuing education training

  • Orientation pay

  • No required weekends

  • Referral bonuses

  • Professional liability insurance

  • Workers’ compensation insurance

  • Temp to perm placement


3. Do I have to work ka minimum number of hours each week? 

No Minimum hours required

However, if employee is does not wrk for more than a month with no contact with Urgent Medical Staffing Solutions, employee may be considered permanently unavailable for assisgnment. 


4. Can I keep my current fulltime job and still work for Urgent Medical Staffing Solutions? 


Urgent Medical Staffing Solutions, will work with your schedule and availablity. Just give us your monthly availability and we will assign you work based on your days available. 


5. What if I like a certain facility and would like to work for them fulltime? 

No Problem at all. Just let us no and we will make arrangements with the facility. 


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