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How To Respond to "Tell Me About Yourself" in a Job Interview.

Bulls eye strategy to respond to "Tell Me About Yourself"

“Tell Me About Yourself,,,,”

Most candidates take this question as a loop whole to blurt out their personal life story. Blurting out your entire life story is not what the hiring manager intends. You need to be careful on how you answer this question, as it will set out the tone for the rest of the interview. Therefore, you can’t afford to wing it. Respond to "Tell me about yourself" based on the position you’re interviewing for, not based on your life story. "Tell me about yourself?" is an open-ended question, so you need to prepare, strategize, script and practice your response. Begin to think and focus on what you need the interviewer to know, and to remember about you, once the interview is over. List five of your strengths related to the position. Illustrate how these strengths enabled you to excel in your past endeavors. Prepare your script and explicitly enumerate how you were able to win by utilizing your strengths.


“ I have been a nurse in long-term care for the past seven years. My most recent experience has been a unit manager for a forty-bed long-term care facility department. An important reason I especially adore this business and difficulties that come with it is the opportunities to provide holistic nursing care to the elderly in our community. In my last job, through my leadership, our facility had zero departments of health deficiencies in our annual survey and or no deficiencies related to complaints.” Next mention your strength and abilities

“My real strength is my transactional leadership style. I pride myself on my reputation for creating followers, in creating formidable winning teams.

Summarize with a statement about your current situation

“What I’m looking for now is a company that values and believes in building strong leadership and follower-ship. Where I can join a powerful team and have a positive impact on quality of resident care”.

Now practice your script. The more you talk about yourself, the more natural it will come out and the better you will be at selling yourself.

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