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10 Reasons You Should Use Staffing Agencies.

Staffing agencies can play a crucial role in helping healthcare companies find great talent.

The difference between corporate recruiters and recruiters working for outside firms (Healthcare Staffing Agencies) is related to the fact that their compensation is based on results and not their level of activities.

This payment model creates a huge advantage when it comes to recruiting strong candidates by staffing firms/Medical Staffing Agencies.

The Difference and how to Take Advantage of Agency Capabilities.

1. Staffing Firms Can Help improve the overall quality of every new hire.

To take full advantage of this, have the agency present a few of their best candidates, ask how they found them, and then compare them with those candidates your company is currently interviewing for the same role. Pay the agency only if the candidates they are presenting are superior to your current interviewees.

2. Staffing firms have the time to hone their search skills.

In this case, you’ll see and hire more competent employees.

Recruiting passive candidates requires exceptional skills and time. Staffing firms excel in this area. Corporate recruiters might have the skills, but due to workload they just don’t have the time to invest in recruiting passive candidates.

3. The best people want to work with them.

Top passive candidates, especially those with more than five years’ experience seek out the best out of the best third party recruiters to keep them abreast of opportunities in different companies. More options is a huge difference compared to corporate recruiters who only represent one company.

4. Staffing firms have underground networks to find talent.

Active recruiters have the capabilities to develop and maintain an in-depth database of passive candidates. Affording recruiters the opportunity to find top candidates in a heartbeat.

5. Staffing Agencies understand job needs; they can hit the ground running.

Staffing firms recruiters and especially specialty recruiters such as healthcare recruiters knows the real job needs or requirements for example experience required, certification requirement, state specific qualification requirement. A skill set companies can utilize to their advantage.

6. Staffing Agencies have plenty of time to passive source candidates- That’s all they do!

Convincing and recruiting someone who is not actively looking requires more time that corporate recruiters don’t usually have or can’t afford. Corporate recruiters usually spend most of their time sourcing active candidates. Third party recruiters spend 90% of their time networking and sourcing top passive candidates.

7. Staffing firm recruiters have credibility with hiring managers.

Top third-party recruiters work with the same hiring manager thus building a healthy relationship. Leverage on this essential partnership.

8. Staffing agencies offer longer guarantee periods.

Best staffing firms will offer six months to a year warranty, this extended guarantee period attests to the efficiency and competency of the staffing firm in providing reliable, competent candidates. It’s a testimony to the companies belief in candidates they present.

9. For a staffing Agency recruiter’s attention is to the placement and not activity.

Hence you will not have to go through a lot of candidates to get the top candidate hired.

The top recruiters present fewer high-quality candidates with strict recruiting process management. They don’t push whoever they find hoping that one candidate gets hired. They present one of the best candidates that fit the position they are filling.

10. Staffing firm recruiters are more consultative than transactional; hence candidates take the opportunity for the right reason.

External recruiters from staffing agencies are more focused on long-term career success of their candidates. Companies should take advantage and benefit from the consultative nature of external recruiters in this talent competitive age.

Using a premier staffing agency and recruitment firm such as urgent Medical Staffing Solutions is an excellent strategy to prevent bad hires and save your business from future recruitment costs.

With current health care personnel shortages such as Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses, Healthcare facilities should utilize contingency staffing firms or at least retained search firms should be part of every company talent acquisition strategy.

Hiring the best is a multiyear investment, that will last forever.

Contact us for your healthcare staffing needs. Our Top healthcare recruiters are available 24/7 to take your job orders be it temporary on a contingency, temporary to permanent, permanent placement, travel nursing or contract basis.

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